Update Set 0.80.57

With Update 0.80.57, we have quite a few  additions for you:

The Hub:

This starter world comes with portals to the various areas and crafting stations for:

  • Cosmetics.
  • Unlockables.
  • Pets
  • Starting Equipment Options
  • Character Backgrounds

This allows for much fewer menus, between you and the perils beyond!
Additionally, it provides you with unlimited ammo and mana to test your abilities before you jump into the fray.

Engine Overhaul:

We've been rewriting of over 300 code files in preparation for porting to other operating other than Windows. These changes also bring optimizations to allow the game to run better on low-end computers. With the potential to port to many more platforms later.

Personal note

Sorry that this update set has taken longer than our usual cycle;
we encountered some financial challenges on the 12th of September.
We're back on track now, and shall continue providing more updates for this amazing community!


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