Update 0.60.1 - targeting system upgrades...

Hi folks :D! Here's the detail of what we've been working on with the last update:

  •  Targeting system update:
    • more opportunities to turn certain enemies against each other.
    • Allies and rogue enemies can be targeted by adversities as well.
  • Improved cloaking:
    • Now work against mages and bosses (as well as all known enemies and traps).
  • Other changes
    • Smarter idle states for bronze knight if player is invisible or defeated.
    • Skeletons that are headless go into a more beserk state; attacking more frequently.
    • Fixed bug with headless skeletons being stunned by every attack.
    • Diagnostics printing (Enter ~ followed by /diagnostics)
    • Fixed rare issue with 1280 x 720 not being listed on a system.
    • ...


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Nov 13, 2017

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