Update - New Potions; better loot and more...

Hey folks :)

For this update we've been working on a new system of potions, status effects,  tweaks to items and lots of rebalancing.

  • New potions for: 
    • Defence
    • Blood Thirst
    • Cloaking
  • Improved the animation and telegraphing on the necromancer boss:
  • Limitation of starting item randomizations
  • Improved save system: The game.progression file is now synced to "[documents]/My Games/Aura Of Worlds/"  as a backup
    This is also to  save you time having to copy it across each update XD)     
  • * Improved loot distribution; more enemies drop useful items.     
  • Bronze knife can now be thrown in an arc. 
  • Damage and knockback of weapons has been nerfed very slightly.
  • New animation set and improved telegraphing for necromancer. 
  • Other Balance Changes include:
    • Necromancer's life drain beam and crystal eye lazers are slower on moderate difficulty.
    •  The Bronze Knight will only perform one walk cycle after hitting a wall.         
    • Increased quantity of help potion capacity from 3-4.    
    • Necromancer shockwave speed reduced slightly
    • Torches extinguish after being used to ignite about 5 enemies. 
    • Sword wielding skeletons have a brief delay before they can turn around after slashing.   
  •  Numerous bug fixes.
  • Much more... 

NOTE: you will need to go back to the main page; to download the update


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Jan 14, 2018

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