Update Lighting, graphics and optimisations

Hey folks;
Here are the details for the latest updates :)

Changes from  0.61.10  to 0.61.11:

  • Upgraded  lighting system.
  • Much better path finding for the bronze knight. 
  • Two new potions.
  • A new elite enemy in the gardens.
  • New poison bouncing projectile attack.
  • Gems & New HUD graphics including:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed cloaking cancelling potion effect.
    • Fixed enemies sometimes failing to 
    • Numerous other.

Multiple balance changes and mechanical tweaks.

Changes from 0.61.11 to

  • Significant optimizations; particular with regard to collision checking; to improve performance on lower end pcs.
  • Tweaks
    • Fixed blur filter not working properly.
    • Exit door fades in after defeating the first boss.
    • Shadow sight filter fixed around interactive tiles.
    • Fixed bug where last helper message would continue to linger when just turned off.
    • Fixed smart aiming around first boss arena.
    • Fixed vines not being drawn properly for giant snappers.
    • Added setting to disable auto pause on lose focus.
  • Wall vault rune. 

To download the update; please head back to the main page:
(Your progress from previous versions is carried over)


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Feb 25, 2018

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