Steam Release + Early player bonus

Hi Folks, Thank you for your support so far.  We've got some special rewards for players who've invested early. We've also been making quite a number of updates over the past couple of months as you'll see from this new trailer:

Early player reward:

First up; Anyone who's bought or received the game up till the end of May is entitled to a second copy of the game on Steam (perhaps to play on your other computer or give to a friend on Steam). Itch.IO has been a great platform; allowing us to reach players in a polished and customized way. Your feedback has helped shape the game; so this is just one way of thanking you 🎈:)!

The article here explains how to claim your keys quite well: If however you have any difficulties in finding your keys please contact


Changes from 0.63.11 to 0.64.3:

  • Support for much higher window resolutions
  • Better controller/mouse rebinding support (the game also remembers your configuration on exit)
  • Numerous balance changes including nerfing multi-jump.
  • Debug window is hidden by default (with an option to turn it back on).
  • Mini map automatically closes when expanded for too long.
  • Differentiating damage numbers to red (player) or magenta (enemy)

Changes from 0.63.3 to 0.63.11

  • Graphical and menu refinements.
  • Damaged crates.
  • Quick consume/execute controls while in the inventory menu.
  • Crossbow has been nerfed:
    • reduced knockback.
    • 10% less damage.
    • Will no longer pierce enemies every second shot by default. 
  • More useful helper prompts.
  • FireFlyers and DragonFlies are stronger now.
  • Firebrands extinguish when touching water.

Changes from to 0.63

[redacted; will update with Changelog once details are recovered]

Changes from 0.61.10 to

  • * Significant optimizations; particular with regard to collision checking; to improve performance on lower end pcs.
  • Tweaks
    • Fixed blur filter not working properly.
    • Exit door fades in after defeating the first boss.
    • Shadow sight filter fixed around interactive tiles.
    • Fixed bug where last helper message would continue to linger when just turned off.
    • Fixed smart aiming around first boss arena.
    • Fixed vines not being drawn properly for giant snappers.
    • Added setting to disable auto pause on lose focus.
    • Wall vault rune. 

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