Update 0.65.4

Hi folks!

We've been listening to your feedback and suggestions over the past two weeks and have been updating the game accordingly :)

Here's what's changed...

  • Four New runes:

    • Sharpness
    • Shadow
    • Reflective-Roll
    • Double-Jump.
  • Economy:
    • Fortune rune now causes enemies/chests to drop additional money; instead of applying a flat discount.
      Vases and crates drop less money.
  • Controls:
    • Grid inventory and pause button are swapped on controller by default.
    • All standard buttons are rebindable including pause.
    • You can now interrupt dodge rolling half way; with a jump.

  • Bug fixes:
    • Skeleton heads properly trigger dart traps even when attached
    • No more out of boomerang prompts while waiting for the last one thrown to return.
    • Can no longer shield bash the object you're carrying.
    • No gap at base of rising lava texture
    • Fixed ugly texture gaps on hud bars; when swapping from a higher resolution back to native (1066x600) res.
    • Various other.
  • A.I.:
    • Slimes now attack 33% faster; but regular slimes can only damage you during their jumping attacks.
    • Jellyfish have a telegraph animation.
    • Fewer enemies deal contact damage; and those that do (e.g. giant slimes) have revised rules including an added delay before applying that attack.
    • Mages are smarter and will avoid teleporting into obvious traps like lava or spears.  

  • Sound/graphics:
    • Improved support for higher resolutions. Title animations and coin prompt animations now scale properly.
    • Wall slide sound effect.
    • Engine support for looped sound.
    • Red "x" appears on items which are out of supplies/charges"

  • Numerous other tweaks and balance changes...


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May 22, 2018

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