Equipped items are drawn on all humanoid characters!!!

  • Small items are synced on the active hand's current animation (only hidden during special actions like dodge rolling)
  • The larger weapons are drawn in 3 different positions depending on the adventurer's current actions:
    • On the back

    • Held passively

    • Attacking
Other graphics:
  • New animation for midair jump
  • Status icon for vampirism potion effect.
  • Various other
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed animation bug when running against a wall. We left this in the game for a while; as some people found it comical. However we've  

    finally figured it was for the best to remove it; R.I.P.

  • Fixed bug with all skeletons in a given level weilding the same weapon
  • Fixed glitch where jumping didn't disrupt the shadow rune
  • Various other


18th of June

  • Fixed bug where skeletons arms weren't drawn when an item was equipped on their back.
  • Player no longer immediately puts away items on performing actions that would move the equipped item to their back (e.g. ledge climbing/wall climbing/rolling/wall sliding etc.).
  • Skeletal warrior sword attacks are telegraphed better.


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Jul 16, 2018

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