Update of the beast

New enemy 1 - Giant blood bats

Stronger, smarter, and immune to many of the tricks that worked on their smaller cousins

New enemy 2 - Skeletal rangers

Their lighter armor makes them considerably more agile then the soldiers you've seen so far...

Oh...and regular soldiers have also learnt to dodge roll now; you're welcome :)

Destroying spikes blocks will causes the spikes to fly out. These in turn can be picked up and thrown.

Crossbow and arrow improvements

  • Arrows stick in blocks.
  • Arrows shot through pollen clouds become venomous.
  • A burst of particles is released when arrows are ignited/envenomed + new graphics!
  • Arrows slow down in water.

Necromancer changes

  • New animations.
  • A warning will display if the boss is unalerted and you're down to the last 3 crystals.
  • No more stun-lock cheesing.
  • Rebalanced enemy spawning.
  • Fixed bug where it would randomly turn away from the player when attacking.

Control improvements

  • For items that can be equipped in both hands; you can use the left/right trigger to specify which with the weapon wheel (or just use the default).
  • Bouncing off enemies now resets wall vault count/multi jump

Control options

  • All remaining control options (toggling default run; gamepad tilt sensitivity determining sprint; changing the aiming mode etc.); are now saved on leaving the game. Some settings are now saved separately per control scheme.
  • Auto-wall vault is toggle-able.


  • Multiple HUD design improvements and icon updates
  • Improved widescreen support.

Bug fixes/balance chances

  • Eye lazer attack has been nerfed.
  • Crystal weapons now recharge much faster.
  • Various graphical glitches related to humanoid arms have been fixed.
  • Swords and spears can no longer be drawn on the player's head after they simultaneously try and grapple and climb at the same time.
  • Multiple others...

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