Permanent Progression Overhaul - Update 0.69

New items, sound effects, rewards for earlier players and an entirely new set of unlockable goods.

New weapons / abilities


Hammers, Chakrams, Temporal field...

New XP system

  • NOTE: This is done in a way that does not compromise on challenge; but allows you to access strategic options and bonuses. 

  • Earlier players will also be rewarded a large starting bonus; based on what's been achieved so far. What you've unlocked stays unlocked in the future.
  • Levelling up grants tokens which can be spent on various unlockable items/world shotcuts etc.

Unlockables include

  • 7 relating to weapons and abilities.
  • Rerolling starter equipment.
  • Two world shortcuts will be free if you unlocked them earlier (otherwise they cost 5 tokens each) 

Menu Stuff

  • Multiple menus reprogrammed to work much better with widescreen and higher resolutions.
  • Added Progression Menu.
  • New graphics for all purchase/equipment related menus.
  • Added Unlockables Menu.

    NOTE: costs may be discounted slightly for this update.

Tweaks to player physics

  • Reach maximum speed faster; but max sprint speed is marginally lower (<10%) for better control.
  • Made grapple swinging more instantaneous.

Animation refinements

  • Several new animations including: 
  • Spear slashes now have a weapon trail.
  • Fixes to the frames of humanoid entities holding weapons when landing.

Bug fixes and optimizations

  • Light colors of melee weapons now reflect their materials more closely (with crystal yielding more light).
  • Code optimisations to collision checking.
  • Fixed Credits menu cropped at higher resolutions.
  • Fixed Choose equipment menu breaking when reopening after changing resolutions.
  • Considerably reduced time writing to output files (e.g. saving progression and logging).
  • Several others.

Looking forward to hearing what you think :)

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Sep 21, 2018

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