Update 0.71.4

New Abilities:

  • Dashing:
  • Sap of Weakness: The fluid derived from a rare plant can be used to lower the defence of your opponents.


  • New Status effect.
  • Chests can be carried to block projectiles.
  • Lucky dip for unlockables: Optionally spend tokens on a random item at a lower cost.
  • Temporal field: now properly slows down special level threats such as pursuing pollen. You can also expand it by holding down the control.
  • ...

Rebalancing work:

  • Bronze Knight's arena now has semi-destructable floors; with a couple of alternative ways to fight em'.
  • Rush level themes (lava, poison etc.) have longer levels.
  • Flooded corridors are longer.
  • Traps take longer to reset (spears, dart traps etc.; following feedback from PAX players)
  • Nerfed giant bat (following feedback from PAX).
  • Cost of unlockables has increased as has the max level.
  • Several parts of the 2nd tutorial, were remade to be much more forgiving and instructive (following feedback from PAX players)


  • New algorithm for tile-render allows caching of the entire map's terrain rather than one chunk at a time.
  • Rewrote multiple collision and physics routines to use less processing power.
  • Fixed several issues with flickering framerate with vsync on older systems.


  • Weapon wheel and grid inventory controls have been rewritten slightly to be more intuitive. e.g. you can override which slot certain items go to with just the right/left triggers. You can also instantly consume potions/execute most powers with a single button instead of having to equip them.
  • Multi-jump ability can still be used even if it's not in the hotbar.


  • New Weapon wheel graphics
  • Some minor bug fixes with humanoid arms.
  • Particle and HUD elements for new abilities.
  • Larger mini map
  • ...

-----**--- PATCH 0.71.4 ---**-----

21st of November

  • Cleaned up HUD by removing debug variable display.
  • Removed links to unfinished editors.
  • Other:
    • You now recover more health before entering the knight's arena.
    • Adjustment to laser traps in the tutorial.
    • Updated controller prompt icon.


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Version 1 Nov 25, 2018

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Could we get 0.79.x over on itch, please?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi Tempo,

Update 0.80.X will be out this week.
I plan to update Itch.IO as well (as the Steam) shortly after.

Sorry for the delay, we ran into some financial challenges earlier, but are getting back on track!

No problemo.  Thanks for the reply.